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Monday, December 26, 2011

Pizzarelli's pizza

In my opinion pizza is one of the most perfect foods in the world. The combination of cheese, meat, tomato sauce and crust explodes with flavors that satisfy my palate. For a pizza lover like me the really difficult part is deciding on what style of pizza I want to enjoy. This week we went to Pizzarelli’s in Ellisville Missouri. If you are looking for a fancy dine in experience you will want to go elsewhere, but if you want great New York style pizza at a fair price and are willing to overlook the small and not well maintained dining room, then look no further. Whether it’s by the slice or by the whole pie, Brian Behrens and his crew consistently turn out the best New York style pizza in the area. Pizzarelli’s makes their dough and sauce in house, preps their meat and cuts their vegetables daily and even grinds and grates their fresh Grande mozzarella cheese. The difference really comes out in the end product.

     Though there are several lunch specials, Brendan and I both chose the two slice special with a soft drink which came in at a reasonable $5.95 each before tax. I ordered a slice of meatball, and a slice of sausage. Brendan ordered a slice of pepperoni and a slice of sausage. Five minutes later we were enjoying our lunch. The large foldable slices had plenty of topping and the crust was baked to perfection. We especially enjoyed the sausage which was sliced Italian sausage instead of the more common ground variety. The meatball had copious amounts of seasoned beef and the peperoni was delicious albeit a little greasy as fresh peperoni can sometimes be.

If you love pizza you really owe it to yourself to visit Pizzarelli’s.  Just be sure that you go on Thursday, Friday or Saturday because although Pizzarelli’s is open seven days a week, they only serve lunch Thursday Through Saturday. For direction and more information about Pizzarelli’s visit their website at:

Value: 5 lunch buckets

Service: 4 lunch buckets (although fast and friendly, we docked them a point for their Spartan facilities)

Food Quality: 5 lunch buckets

Overall: 4.67 Lunch buckets

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